Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Things That Alarm the Kansan in Me

Storms that kick up out of nowhere, thunder that you hear at the exact time you see lightning, trees that abruptly switch from blowing sideways to standing stock still. Think I should check the weather? Me too.

And also? I think I should've gotten the mail before I caught up on my blogging.


Leslie said...

Just catching up on life with the Rock family...my favorite tale was Wyatt peeing on Great Grandma's leg through the loft railing. Impressive! Thanks for sharing the picture of Tara's Jack...he's quite a cutie! As for the storms, I love this weather! It does lock us inside, but it's so impressive, nay?

The Thomas Crew said...

Wow! I can't believe how much Wyatt has grown. He looks like a lot of fun these days! I'm glad I've finally been able to catch up with y'all, Steph. We hope to get to see you sometime soon when you visit home. It's funny that you talked about the weather. We had a really bad storm our first night in Kansas. Have fun keeping up with that cute little boy. :)