Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think I need to remember that I started this blog to keep track of Wyatt and all his tricks and also to make our families feel like they were less than a hemisphere away from the newest baby. I haven't been writing as much for "lack of things to write" but who am I kidding? Wyatt hasn't stopped coming up with new tricks! And while we're definitely closer than we used to be, we're not actually neighbors with our nearest and dearest. So, today's favorites:

1. We hosted a playdate this morning and when they left, Wyatt kept saying, "more kids?"

2. His favorite activity today was jumping off the big couch cushion on the floor. Why is it on the floor, you ask? Well, because we were tricked by our furniture delivery company and when they said the new stuff was coming today we believed them. It turns out they won't be delivering until Friday, but we already moved the old stuff out. So we're just sitting on the cushion, sans couch.

3. If you ask Wyatt where our furniture is, he'll tell you "couches outside."

4. Wyatt woke from his nap and the first words out of his mouth were, "friends home?"

5. I used the big rubberband from a bunch of asparagus to deter Wyatt from opening a cabinet that houses my cutting mats and colanders. I kind of just got sick of him throwing that stuff all over the kitchen. Anyway, now his big thing is that he always makes sure the rubberband is fastened. If you leave it hanging off one knob, he'll tell you "fix it" and then loop it over the other knob. And lately he's also started moving it to other cabinets as if he thinks the trash should also be protected from him.

6. Wyatt (and therefore his parents) had a rough night last night. So please imagine my joy when he slept in this morning and then woke up using his manners. Our morning was full of pleases and thank you's, all completely unprompted. He was totally trying to redeem himself!

7. For the first time ever, Wyatt carried on a phone conversation with his dad this morning. He held the phone himself and chatted for a few minutes, answering all questions appropriately, before handing the phone back to me. I tried to get a picture of my little big man but I was too slow.

So those are my highlights of my very ordinary life. Welcome back to the blog as it's meant to be.

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aderost said...

While I definitely love the blog as its "meant to be", I still love hearing about fly swatting, kitchens and furniture! I think it can definitely be both!