Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At Least We Contribute to the Tax Base

I continue to be impressed by the free activities here. This morning, a group of us went to a park I hadn't heard about yet and it was fantastic. Not only does it have a cool playground, but it also has a petting zoo! We had such a great time (except for the part where I almost got stuck in a slide with Wyatt - needless to say I didn't fall for the "on your lap?" plea again). Wyatt was not what you'd call a "quick study" considering he had his finger gobbled by a turkey and a herd of chickens, but as the adage goes the third time was the charm. It was then that he mastered throwing the food through the fences instead of offering it with his cute little digits.

We're very clear now that a goose says "honk honk"

...and up wandered a peacock

Wyatt and his buddy checking out the guinea fowl (I think?) and that little bit of bagel being held by his friend? Yeah, the chickens got it about one minute later.
Mastering the throw into the chicken coop.

Nice horsey.

Posing with the deer - I told him not to get too close since there were big signs saying "this animal bites". Encouraging, don't you think?

In addition to all these lovely creatures were the aforementioned turkeys, a pot-bellied pig, cows, llamas, sheep, goats, swans and ducks. Not bad for a morning out of the house!


Susan said...

I love the one of them up by the little red building watching the birds. That pose says, "look at me, I'm so brave. I'm watching birds. In fact, I'm so brave that if I push a little harder I might be able to get this building to let me in!!!"

Lisa said...

very cute pics! He looks so grown up with short hair!