Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Let me dust off some old pictures and share them with you - for now we have a fence! Jeff's parents spent about ten days with us and the men worked from early until sundown for eight days straight to produce the best fence this subdivision's ever seen.

Cautious at the beginning...
then a little more serious, what with the gas-powered auger and all.

And then, the big guns. Just kidding, this was the work of the utility company after the guys hit an unmarked line (and incidentally excellent entertainment for a two-year old!)

There was much cementing.

And there were many days of nail gunning.
This is why I say it's the best in the neighborhood. Yes, he's out there with a level and a hammer, tap-tap-tapping until it's just.perfectly.aligned.

Like father, like son. This photo was taken at about 8 pm after many days of work. (P.S. that couch is no longer in our lives and I can't describe that bliss well enough!)

Lest you think they were out there alone, the dogs were on hand to supervise,

and, of course, Wyatt helped with the wheel barrow.

Let me tell you, it's a little slice of heaven on our side of that five feet of pressure treated pine. I can open the back door and let the critters, er, Wyatt and Millie out to play and not worry about them. It's a serious life improvement!

Oh, and a little story for you: remember the cat walker? Well, his mom doesn't approve of our fence and told Jeff as much in a fairly rude, surprise verbal attack. He assured her it wouldn't affect the cat walking path. I'm not sure that made her any happier, but it sure made us laugh! Indeed, it hasn't changed their habit but now we only see walker's hair as he ambles by.


The Blake Family said...

Congrats on getting that fence done. Must be a wonderful thing to have done. You guys have been hard at work in that house!!

Leslie said...

So much work...I'm tired just looking at the fence pictures! Can I just say that Wyatt looks soooo much like Vice in that last picture? Wowzers! Glad to see things are going well for you guys!

The Thomas Crew said...

Enjoy the freedom in your yard. I know that was hard work! It seems it was definitely worth it, though. Looks great! Just remind the cat-walker mom that good fences make good neighbors.