Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moon Stars Comin'

Wyatt has a slight obsession with the status of the moon and the stars. If it's naptime, then in Wyatt-speak that means "moon stars comin'" If he's up for the day, he's likely to mention "moon stars sleepin'". It turns out we have a pretty decent Air & Space Museum about 15 minutes from home so we decided to take him. Jeff got online this morning to check ou thte opening time and discovered an animated movie, Fly Me to The Moon, is currently playing at the IMAX theater there.
Jeff thought it said it was a 45 minute show, so we were a little surprised when it lasted and hour and 15 minutes. Wyatt was a champ, though, not making a peep. The 3-D effect was very cool and both Jeff & I felt slightly affected by some of the motion scenes. Wyatt tried to grab a drop of juice that floated toward us near the end of the movie, so we have reason to believe he enjoyed it, too. When it was over he asked for more movie and then, realizing that wasn't going to happen, turned toward the screen and said, "yay movie!" while clapping. His very first movie and we took him to an IMAX in 3-D! We might have escalated his expectations of the movies. And of course we got to wear some rockin' 3-D glasses. Don't these guys look hot?

I sure love my boys.


Susan said...

I love them too! Very cute.

Leslie said...

Yes, you definitely set the movie bar high with that one! I'm glad he liked the movie, and was willing to wear the rocking glasses...that wouldn't have worked out so well with our guy. Love the Wyatt Astronaut picture! So, is the "moon stars" fan going to be an astronaut for Halloween???

aderost said...

Sooo cute! He and Jack should talk. He can't seem to get enough talk of the Earth and the planets these days...oh yes, and of course aliens!