Friday, August 29, 2008

The Catch-Up Post

We've been home for a week and I've not mentioned a thing about the rest of our trip. Suffice it to say, the vacation was fantastic. And while I am utterly at a loss for words/motivation to tell you all about it, my sister is awesome and has detailed the whole thing over here. You really should read it - she's a great writer. And thanks, Suse!

In my little world, I've had a hard time recovering from such devoted family time. I think part of it has to do with Wyatt waking up - literally - every 45 minutes the last two nights we were there, or maybe it was because our flights were delayed (I detest you, O'Hare airport!) and we didn't get home until midnight last Friday or maybe it's because my husband turned around and left for a week the next day, but whatever. I didn't bounce back well at all and I took it out on the blog by avoiding it. But look! I'm back! Lucky you.

Jeff got home today which is a welcome relief. I mean, it's always nice to have him around but Wyatt didn't recover well either. He's been very two this week! I think that going from Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and two cousins with unlimited outdoor fun to just being with me and having a cold didn't help. But now Daddy's home and all is right with the world. We got to meet Jeff at the jet today when he returned and Wyatt loved it. He couldn't wait for Daddy to get out of that airplane so he could run over to him - too cute!

In miscellaneous Wyatt news, his new favorite phrase is "dat way!" This is usually spoken in the whiniest voice you've ever heard and accompanied by vigorous pointing. It's quite possibly the most annoying phrase I've heard. If it really meant something, I'd be fine with it. But it doesn't. It just means, "I don't like my current situation and I think if you take me somewhere else it will be better. And now that we're somewhere else I'm still miserable, so keep walking lady!"

Wyatt is extremely into his basketball hoop all of a sudden. He can spend a large amount of time shooting hoops in his bedroom, which is okay from the self-entertainment standpoint but not so much from the "no throwing in the house" stance. His other favorite 'sport' is baseball, played outside with his new t-ball set and inside with his mini-bat and ball. "Hit ball and bat" can be heard a hundred times a day.

The spitting is still an issue. And for those of you who think I'm making a big deal about nothing, my sister witnessed it last week and remarked, "oh, that's like real spitting! that's not just a fine mist." It's a complete attention-getting device and I've started asking him if he just did it to get my attention. He's so honest he says, "yes." So now I'm trying to teach him that's not the kind of attention he wants from me. I also made a list of house rules and posted them on the wall for all to see. Just so you know, if you come to see us there is No Hitting, No Throwing Toys and No Spitting. I've told Wyatt he can have a sticker at lunch time and again before bed if he goes through the previous block of time without breaking any rules. I have not stocked up on stickers because I have my doubts.

I might have been driving a little fast today on our way to the base because I felt like we were running late. I decided I should ease up a little after Wyatt started saying, "Hurry hurry! Cars coming!" Where does he get this stuff?

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