Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can You Tell How We Spend Our Days?

Wyatt just pointed out to me that the cookie container says, "Trader Joe's". Which it does, in miniscule type, above the part where it says Way More Chocolate Chips Cookies (thanks, Joe, for our soup and cookies tonight). And this reminded me that while we were driving to the park today - to spend quality time away from retail and tv! - he pointed to CareALot Pet Store and informed me it was a Blue's Clue. If you could see their logo, you would see that they've replaced a letter with a pawprint. Yep, kid, it looks like Blue's been over there and has left you a clue.

Too bad he doesn't pay attention to details.


The Blake Family said...

Funny how these toddlers of our's remind us of all those little things they do throughout the day! Jackson's constantly saying, "Watch Bob the Builder. Mommy make dinner." (Yes, son, you do watch Bob the Builder while mommy makes dinner...thanks for giving away my secret!!)

Stephanie said...

Kristin, Wyatt's pretty sure Bob the Builder is imperative to making dinner, too! Clever boys have figured out we're creatures of habit!

Heather and Scott said...

My sister said that is the first step in reading...reading the signs on the street. Good thing because as we drive down the street, Katelyn first yells "DON-ELLS" (for McDonald's) and then "APPLE...BEEEES" (for Applebees). Daily. Multiple times a day if we drive by more than once. She's reading...I just have to keep telling myself. She's 2 and she's reading. Ya, right. I think we just frequent those two places a little too often. =)

The Pilot said...

Congratulations on your big news!! That's so exciting. When are you going to blog about things, such as your due date or how far along you are? Is that to rude to ask in the comment section?