Friday, September 26, 2008


Due to a few comments, I guess I should explain the status here a little better. See, I sent out an email but failed to account for people with whom I keep in contact via blog. I originally had a very clever way of "breaking the news" to blog readers (all about how we decided to add two feet to the house during the remodeling process. Har har har) but then push came to shove and I think I didn't have the energy or something.

So here's the scoop: we are expecting a baby in mid-March. I'm about that certain of the due date and my family has a history of babies arriving late, so we'll leave it at that. That makes me about 16 weeks along. I'm getting quite pudgy in the middle, though it's still more things-getting-pushed-around-in-there than baby. My pants don't really fit anymore so I've started in on the maternity wear and am discovering that my due-in-June Okinawa baby and a due-in-March Virginia baby require fairly different wardrobes. I'm not upset about having to get a few new things. We will not be finding out if it's a Rocko or a Rockette and I can honestly say I'll be happy either way, and maybe a little sad either way. Really, though, we both just want a healthy, happy little baby to add to our family!

There. Now you know.


The Blake Family said...

We are so thrilled that you are "adding two feet to the house during the remodeling process!" (I think that is pretty clever!!) We hope things continue to go very well as Baby Girl/Boy Rock continues to grow!!

Susan said...

I think you said it well when you said you'll be a little sad either way. I definitely felt that. It was a win-win that, for a BRIEF second right before I found out, felt like a lose-lose.

Steph said...

I totally know where you're coming from with the "kinda sad/lose-lose" thing. As much as I would like to have a girl, I'd feel kinda sad about not having another boy since I adore the ones I have so much, in all their boyness.

(Not that I'm having ANYmore children, of course, just in theory. Need to make that as clear as spring water.) :)

Amber said...

Congratulations again! The off season thing kind of stinks...we did not plan that very well. Oh well, I don't get too upset about an excuse to go shopping ;-)!