Saturday, September 13, 2008

Get a Load of This

I have empty cabinets right now! And no, not because we're moved out of the kitchen. We actually got the go-ahead to move back in on Thursday. The countertop and backsplash won't be going in for a couple more weeks, but we found out we could start using our new spacious cabinets right away. Our electrician/drywall/demo guy came by yesterday to put a skimcoat on for the tile and offered to move our stove back into place so we could use it. Life is good! I spent a couple of naptimes lining the shelves (and Mom, I felt just a twinge guilty throwing away that lazy susan liner you slaved over back in March) and we've slowly moved stuff back in. We still have a couple of loads of random extra stuff - and yes, it might be true that I have too many kitchen things, but still need white dishes - from upstairs, but the renovation has proven to be worth it.

The only really big change we made was to move the refrigerator because I strongly disliked the flow of the workspace. Even without countertops, I can say it was a great decision. The kitchen just feels better. I can only imagine how great it will be when we can actually put things down on a counter, have a sink in the kitchen (doing dishes in the upstairs bathroom is a little annoying) and use the dishwasher again. Oh! And we now have an over-range microwave which seems to be a pretty significant life improvement. To each their own, right?

P.S. The most recent pics will be in the flickr stream.


Mom said...

The kitchen is looking great. No guilt about the lazy susan liner--just wish I was there to help again.

Susan said...

Looking good!

The Blake Family said...

Sounds like things are falling into place! Great to hear that you are liking the new kitchen so far!