Monday, September 15, 2008


1. This baby in my belly wants carbs. Specifically, bread. I don't remember craving bread with Wyatt. I do remember craving Subway sandwiches (haven't had one in ages), frosting (haven't had any in, like, two months) and quesadillas. Yeah, I still like those.

2. When asked, Wyatt almost always replies that he's having a sister, but then is just as likely to say that means it's a boy. He might be confused. And he says we're naming it Isaac, no matter what.

3. Speaking of names, this one's going to be tricky. While we won't be finding out the gender, nor will we actually share potential names, I'm happy to receive suggestions so fire at will.

4. We had our exersaucer out last night for the Rifes visit and Wyatt pitched a complete fit when I put it away because he had a great time playing in it after they left. Shades of things to come?

5. Wyatt's newest trick is to tell himself what he's doing. It's like this: he'll go to a mirror, look at it and say, "hi, I'm Wyatt and I going dinner with Isaac" (this was from Friday night) or, this morning, it was, "hi, I'm Wyatt and I going outside help Mommy plant." When I ask him who he's telling, he says, "'flection." Of course!

6. We were eating breakfast this morning and he told me "Bob work in kitchen. We no play in kitchen." So I said, "that's right, Bob put in our cabinets and we couldn't come in here when he was working. But now he's finished, so we can be in our kitchen." He then looked and said, "new frig-rator." I explained that the refrigerator isn't new, but is in a different place. I asked him if he liked it's new spot and he said, "yes." I'm so glad he concurs.

7. We moved our oversized coffee table into the garage yesterday and it's a significant life improvement. I'm all about small changes with giant rewards. Oh, and we also moved every toy off the hearth and they're now (slightly) more out of sight which must be good feng shui because it's fabulously calming.

8. I rearranged our bedroom furniture (yes, a slightly rash decision and something I shouldn't have done on my own, but whatever. I'm fine and it's finished) and that, TOO, is a big improvement. Awesome - 6 months in and we're starting to actually get settled.

9. Wyatt loves any sport that involves a racket, a bat or a stick. And no, he doesn't actually need any of the actual equipment because he has all the cardboard tubes from the shelf liner and each can be used as any of those items. Incidentally, when Daddy is a willing opponent, they can also be used for fencing.

10. I'm leaving town for a long weekend with friends (one of whom just had a much-anticipated baby and I cannot wait to meet him!) and Jeff is taking a couple days off to be with Wyatt. Please re-read number nine and then confirm for me that no bad habits can form in four days.


Jody & Joey said...

Congratulations! There's a wave of that going around here too... not in this house though.
I'm so dumfounded by your first point I'll have to come back later and read the rest.

Lisa said...

Yeah, way to be subtle about the news.

Have a great time on your girls weekend. Id so love for PC to take Nathan for a few days, you know, that whole having a greater appreciation for what the other goes through during the day. Please report your findings. :)

The Blake Family said...

Oooo...have a great time on your long weekend all to yourself and friends!! Say hi to the "much-anticipated baby" and family for me (I'm thinking it's the Josephs??). We will continue to try and call you...sorry we keep missing you. I like the way your revealed your news to the world! Oh, and the confirmation that no bad habits can form in 4 days...hmmm, I make no promises...but, I believe that habits can always be broken in some form or fashion...hey, you'll be gone with no child for 4 days...just remember that!

Anonymous said...

If any bad habits do will only be the first of many that daddys, papas, uncles & friends might teach him!


Laurie said...

Friend, I just always enjoy reading about your life!