Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

I had so much fun with my girlfriends and one lone baby boy. We all got lots of chances to snuggle him and jiggle him and change him and love on him, which is exactly what we hoped for. We did a whole lot of catching up, cracking up and not much sleeping (by our own cause, not to be blamed on this infant who is lightyears easier than I recall my own son being) and it makes me both excited and nervous about having another baby in our own house. But hey, I still have months to prepare so I'm sure it'll be fine. Please roll with me on that and don't remind me that I'm slightly delusional.

As for my own men, I was worried about what could be taught in four days and it seems that was slightly justified. I mean, when I left Wyatt didn't know the phrase "rockin' out", how to play the air guitar, or own any real hockey sticks. Suffice it to say, they had a good time. Daddy squeezed as much fun as he could think of into every day and it sounds like they were go, go, go the whole time. When I arrived at the airport yesterday, Wyatt was waiting with Jeff and started yelling, "YAY! Yay Mommy!" as I crossed the street. And I think I got about a hundred and twenty nine Hi Mommy's in the car. That's a nice welcome home.

Jeff and I high-fived on the kid, as he left last night for a few days. Wyatt is asking for him as usual and I think it will be nice to have us all together again this weekend. I really needed a little time away and now I really look forward to some time for all of us together. See? I guess the grass is always greener.

Incidentally, as Heather and I sat in the Atlanta airport yesterday a door alarm went off at one of the nearby gates. No one seemed bothered and we just kept chatting. Finally, slowly, an airport employee who was, apparently, just taking a break in the gate area managed to hoist herself out of her seat and amble toward the noise. Heather looked at me and said, "you know in Japan everyone would be running." We laughed at the comparison of a good Japanese scurry with what we were witnessing. Just another reason a little chunk of me will always miss Japan!


The Blake Family said...

So wish that I had flown in to join you gals!! Glad you had a great time. It was wonderful to talk to you on the phone. We'll have to do that more often!!

Taylor, Allison, Ian, Emma and ^Ethan^ Tucker said...

PREGNANT?! How did I miss THAT post?! Its Laurie's old pal Allison (hope you remember me, if not I swear I'm not a stalker! Just following your blog...)
Congratulations on the impending new addition! Wonderful news! EAT THOSE CARBS!