Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ahh, Good Times

Jeff's sister and her family have been here this weekend and we've had such a great time hanging out. We had anticipated doing lots of sightseeing, but they spent an entire week in Washington D.C. before coming to see us, so the boys (ages 8 and 11) had seen enough sights for one vacation. As a result, we've had plenty of time to just enjoy each other's company.

Our nephews are great kids and are a preview of what it might be like to have two boys in nine years. Wow. Lots of energy, lots of play that's entirely different than what my sister and I grew up doing. I mean, Suse? Do you remember ever wrestling? Like, a lot? Because I don't. But it's all good. It has been intriguing to watch them - especially Kyle, the eight-year old - and think, "we're going to have one of these in six years." I look forward to it, especially after some of the conversations we've had that make me smile. For instance, this morning at breakfast with just me, Kyle and Wyatt:

K: Hey Wyatt, did you know that numbers never stop?
W: Numbers never stop.
K: Yeah, they just go forever. Did you know that Aunt Stephanie?
Me: That's right! They go to infinity.
K: No, they don't even stop there! They just go forever.
W: Numbers never stop.
K: Yeah Wyatt! You should tell your pre-school teacher that and see what they say! And when they ask, tell them your big cousin told you. I could count to a thousand, but I'd get bored.
W: one, two, thee, fo...

And then tonight, a conversation in the family room:

K: Hey Uncle Jeff, did you know I'm learning geometry in math?
J: That's really cool.
Me: So what kind of things are you learning?
K: Well, you know, stuff like right angles, left angles...


Leslie said...

Kids just say the funniest things...

Laurie said...

Those kiddos are too funny!
Miss y'all!