Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Just So Busy

Wyatt and I ventured to Kansas last weekend and are now happily ensconced at my parents' house (which we are calling Wyatt's Kansas house because he seems to be a little homesick). There have been plenty of funny things to write about but I'm just so very occupied with all the cousin playtime and napping that I can't quite get to the computer. Please forgive me.

A few highlights from the travel portion of our trip:
My least favorite part was losing Wyatt at the security checkpoint in Richmond. One second he's there, not following my directions of "both hands on mommy", then they made me fold the stroller, flip the stroller over (p.s. what difference does it make if the wheels are down or up on the conveyor belt?), take of my fleece, etc. and then boom. No Wyatt. I panicked, briefly, and marveled at his ability to disappear in such a controlled space before realizing he was happily playing under the metal table where fellow passengers were busy lining up their trays of stuff. Whew!

My favorite part? Easy. He fell asleep practically mid-sentence as we taxied from the gate at O'Hare and proceeded to sleep until we stopped at the gate in KC. And as some sort of karmic bonus, the nice gate agent in Chicago had moved us to economy plus seating and we had three seats to ourselves. Nice and oh, yeah, simple pleasures!

The first night here was wracked with wake-ups resulting in tired mommy and tired kiddo, but subsequent nights have been better. He's getting used to the set-up and couldn't muster even a "hi Mommy" this morning before asking me to turn on the light in the toy closet so he could start playing. He also asks constantly for "more cousins", "more Aunt Susan's house" and cookies. Grandpa and Grandma have a nice stash of cookies and he seems to sense that maybe the rules are relaxed on vacation.

We took him to the KU bookstore on Monday morning with the promise we'd see some Jayhawks. Holy cow - he spied every Jayhawk in the four mile trip to campus and yelled delightedly at each. I think we're doing okay with the whole "raise him to love the crimson and blue despite the fact he's never lived in Kansas" thing. And we acquired a new Jayhawk t-shirt and pompom (he insisted), so he's ready for basketball season to start.

Other than that, it's been lots of eating - uh, yeah, maybe more for me than him - hanging out and having fun. One of these afternoons when I'm feeling ultra-energetic I might even put some pictures on here to prove it. If you're really lucky, that photo album will include some evidence of tonight's planned spaghetti dinner, complete with two 2-year olds and a five-year old who may or may not still have an aversion to pasta. Let's just say the grandparents have a plan for towels and plastic to cover important surfaces and great grandma's been cautioned to wear something that she can get stains out of. I can't wait to see how this one turns out!


The Blake Family said...

Sounds like you (and Wyatt) are having a blast! We are doing similar training for Jackson and the Univ. of Texas...everytime we say, "Texas" he follows it up with "Hook 'em Horns" (the Univ. of TX cheer/chant). Funny how quickly they learn this stuff!!

The Thomas Crew said...

So glad the flight was uneventful for you. Have fun with your cool fam and we'll plan on seeing you Saturday if all goes as planned!

Amber said...

I cracked up at the KU part of the blog...everytime we go to Lawrence Connor gets so excited to see Jayhawks everywhere...awww brainwashing! Last time we were there it was a little embarrassing as he kept chanting "Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU" as we walked up and down Mass.!

Leslie said...

Oh, fun trip! Isn't it fun to see Wyatt enjoy his cousins so much? Michael is always asking to go visit his cousins. Sounds like you had an awesome flight! Woohoo! I hope it works out exactly the same (minus the brief game of hide and seek at security) on your trip home!

Erin Frederick said...

I am so glad that you are instilling the KU fever into Wyatt:) Keep up the good work!