Monday, October 20, 2008

A Few Highlights

Wyatt has developed a few charming* new habits.

1. The only bib he will wear from my mom's stash is the one that says Stephy across the bottom. You guessed it, this bib was mine and I made the mistake of telling him that. Nevermind that the embroidery and the binding are pink, he asks for it by name. And no, no one ever called me Stephy or ever should...

2. Wyatt now calls me Stephy. Usually only in stores or when he wants my attention, but it's a little disconcerting nonetheless. And it's really hard to keep a straight face when your kid is hollering out, "Hey Seph! Hey Sephy!" and your mom is standing nearby cracking up. And for good measure, sometimes he'll holler out my first, middle AND last name. I'm so glad we thought to teach him all that.

3. The other night, my grandma was here for dinner and she looked across the table at Andrew and said, "I brought something tonight that you really like! What do you think it is?" And he, in all earnestness, looked at her with delight in his eyes and said, "Is it money?" Yeah, we all lost it.

4. Tonight the cousins were here and they spent a lot of time playing in the playhouse next door. Andrew was, of course, in charge (p.s. it gave me flashbacks to my sister ordering me around) and was telling the little boys what to do. At one point, Andrew was the dad and was telling Wyatt he had to go to bed in the playhouse. Wyatt actually complied for quite a while. Then tonight, while I was bathing him, I said something about him being so tired because he hadn't napped today. Wyatt looked at me and said, "I had nap in little house today!" So maybe he really caught a little shuteye! I guess I'll never know.

5. During the same outdoor play session, Andrew announced it was time for dinner and that he'd made grilled chicken. Wyatt came streaking out of the playhouse yelling that he needed to fix some edamame. He ran over to a window, pretended to do something, then ran back yelling, "edamame! yay!"

6. Wyatt wanted a "sack" (which to me and you is a snack) after dinner and chose a frosted cookie. He proceeded to eat the frosting off the top and then ask for another cookie. I saved him the hassle and gave him a little frosting off a spoon - this kid is definitely mine!

7. His new phrase is, "I'm good" He got it from me, I'm sure, but it's pretty funny to ask him if he wants more of something and have him think about it a minute before saying, "I good, Mommy."

*yeah, it's not all charming but it is entertaining. And I'm probably forgetting the best ones, so as I think of more I'll be sure to update!


Leslie said...

See, now I'm dying to know your middle name :) So, Wyatt likes edamame? Michael wouldn't eat it. He just squooshed it and gave it back. More for me! Sounds like Wyatt is having a ball with the cousins!

Susan said...

You forgot to thank Andrew for having Wyatt take a nap!