Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still Having a Big Time

We continue to make the most of every day here and are filling most of our "down" time with cousins. Wyatt now asks for them every morning as soon as he wakes, then when he finds out they're actually sleeping at their own house he asks for the lights to be on in the toy closet. A couple days ago he told me, "Mommy, no coffee. Play toy closet." Yeah, right. I got the coffee and then played with him. It's important to prioritize, right?

Yesterday was a very big day - first we went to Andrew's soccer game (his team of 4-5 year olds is the Soccer Hobbits. Hilarious!), then to lunch where Shannon and her girls met us and then we all headed out to the pumpkin patch. I was prepared for Wyatt's head to explode since he's been pointing out every pumpkin in sight for the last couple of weeks. Luckily, no explosions. Just lots of excitement at all the tractors and cousins and slides and hay and cows and oh yeah, acres upon acres of pumpkins.

He had a good time and didn't really even grasp that he could actually take a pumpkin home. I got off easy since he decided he wanted a little pumpkin (okay, I encouraged him to choose a small one) and interestingly he decided his pumpkin should be green. Who knew? So now we're owners of one small green pumpkin and he's still talking about the tractor ride. I think we might take the little boys back later in the week. I mean, why not? They had such a big time despite us being there during naptime. I think Wyatt would've laid himself down in the vines for the duration if I'd let him!

Shannon and her girls

Wyatt resting on a pumpkin. I have a lot of these pictures.

Wyatt examining a pumpkin while Thomas keeps watch, or something.

Thomas and his prized pumpkin.

So many pumpkins, so little energy...

Did I mention the cows?

The cousins. It's apparently going to be a few more years before we can reliably take a picture of all of them together and after witnessing what it took to get this, I'm amazed we got so close!

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The Thomas Crew said...

Great pictures! Thanks again, Steph. We all had a big time! Enjoy the rest of your visit with the fam.