Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Pretty Lucky...

Or I have some amazingly powerful thoughts.

As I left Kansas, I told my parents that they could come visit anytime they felt bored since I would, most likely, be feeling the same way upon Jeff's departure for his 45 day TDY in January. I told Jeff yesterday afternoon that it sure would be fun if they followed through with it.

Then my mom called just a few hours later to tell me she'd booked a ticket. YAY!

And then last night I was thinking it would be fun if my sister could come, too. You know, a little girl time (plus a toddler boy, because he's always here, but I'd take what I could get.) And guess what? That wish is coming true, too! I'm on cloud nine just anticipating some fun with my mom and my sister and also so excited to know that I'll have something to look forward to during those long days of waddling and toddler-chasing. Ahhh, have I mentioned that my life rocks every once in a while?


Leslie said...

Ooh, fun! Visits are always nice ;) Loved the free play bit. Maybe I should call around and find something like that...we're right there with you on the occasional need of a high-energy-outlet!

Jody & Joey said...

Let us know if we can invite your hubby over for dinner sometime in January... or if he'll be too far away for that.