Wednesday, November 05, 2008

He's Non-Partisan

I can't believe I forgot to post this little gem yesterday.

I was strapping Wyatt into his carseat and just making small talk (probably to keep him from smacking me in the face - a favorite trick when he's already squirrelly).

Me: It's a very special day for America. We're electing a new president and it's a big election. People all over the country are voting and choosing who they want to be the next president.

Wyatt: Yay! Woohoo! New president! (pause) I want to play with it.


The Blake Family said...

How funny...I sat Jackson on the counter in the kitchen as we watched the voting happening and explained the same "it's and important day for America" speech...he had no cute comment like Wyatt, but listened intently. Wonder what he was thinking...maybe what Wyatt said??

Susan said...

I think he's definitely a closet Obama fan, then.

I can see thinking that the Pres-elect might be fun to play with, but I don't so much see that with McCain. Capable? Perhaps. Fun to play with? Probably not.