Sunday, November 16, 2008

Slippery Slope

There are so many things I want to share/update Wyatt's online baby book with and yet every time I sit down to blog, my adult ADD kicks in and I'm off on another tangent. And it's been so long that I might not actually have any readers left. I hope someone's still out there or this is particularly pathetic. I'd like to note that I have still been reading your blogs and, though rarely commenting, still enjoy hearing about everyone else out there. Way to go, bloggers who post! Now, back to me.

First of all, I'd like to discuss my internet issues. Does anyone know anything about my laptop and why it's so stinking slow approximately 99% of the time? I've cleaned up the registry, we've moved all the photos onto an external hard drive, I've tried moving all over the house with the laptop but I can still max out at about a 36 Mb connection speed. It's kind of annoying. Though more annoying was the day that I was connecting at a whopping 1 - 11 Mbps. Whew! That makes me not want to be on the computer! I'm considering switching our provider but Jeff thinks he might have cut the line we need while constructing the fence this summer and we don't exactly want to have our fence torn up for it to be fixed. And yes, for those of you that remember, a cut line was repaired. But.....there might have been another one that no one fessed up to.

Secondly, Wyatt is a hoot. I know every child goes through this and mine is not unique, but man! He's all conversational with us! He's applying his newfound logic to various situations (sometimes correctly, sometimes not) and surprising both of his parents every day with something new. His imagination is gearing up and we have lots of pretend food cooked for us. His favorite dishes to whip up? Edamame and banana soup. Mmmmmmm. The other morning at breakfast he pretended he was having a conversation with Jeff. It was very thorough - he knocked on the table and said, "who is it?" before looking at me and saying, "yay! It's Daddy!" Then he turned toward Jeff's empty chair and said, "hi Daddy! How you? I good, thanks. I eating pancakes."

He's very Daddycentric right now. Like yesterday, when he completely wiped out in the driveway, I swooped him up to assess his injuries (skinned hands was it and let me tell you, from the sound and sight of it I thought I'd be picking up a bloody mess) and was attempting to calm him down when all I heard was, "I show Daddy!" through the sobs. So I handed him over to Jeff and they talked it through and then he was fine. I was slightly unnecessary. It's certainly not always that way - like Friday night, when I left after dinner and he was a trainwreck - but it's increasingly frequent that he wants Jeff. I'm not complaining...yet. I mean, it's kind of nice that while I'm fixing dinner, Wyatt likes to camp out by the front windows and watch for his dad.

He is obsessed obsessed, I tell you with drumming and rocking out. And yes, he uses that phrase. "Mommy, I rockin' out!" or "Daddy come samily room. Rock out with Wyatt!" He also knows almost all the words to Third Day's Call My Name and belts it out at the top of his lungs. It's hilarious, if I do say so myself. And if he's not setting up for his latest gig, he can usually be found playing some sort of sport. Baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey - your choice. He'll play them all and can weirdly incorporate them all together when you're not paying attention. The other night at dinner he told us he's going to teach the baby how to play tennis. Let's hope he's figured out by then that hitting a person with the rackets gets you in trouble every. single. time.

Speaking of the baby, it's either growing or I have to really cut back on the calorie intake. My doctor says everything looks good so I think the former is correct. Wyatt and Jeff both accompanied me to my appointment on Friday (not planned for Wyatt to tag along, though he was really good) so we all got to hear the heartbeat. Wyatt looked kind of awestruck, but maybe he just thought the baby already had a drum? At this point with Wyatt, we'd taken approximately 20 pictures of the belly, spent hours slogging through naming books and we both felt like we were having a boy. This time? Not so much. I think we've taken pics of the belly twice, we have each looked through precisely two naming books and are still without any real contenders and neither of us have a clue as to what we're having. So seriously, a little help on the naming front would be appreciated. Tell you what - if you suggest a name that we end up using, I'll send you some sort of prize.

What else.....oh. Leaves. I raked up four bags last week, Jeff raked 11 yesterday and four or five more today and the huge oak tree in our front yard is only half-naked. One of the trees in the side yard is fully green and a we have a couple smaller trees that have, thankfully, given up the fight. Don't get me wrong, the fall colors have been beautiful but wow. Just so many leaves that never stop falling! I really wanted to go to one of the local parks and walk back through the woods to collect some leaves for dipping in paraffin (my mother-in-law did that years ago and still has these beautiful leaves to decorate with every fall), but I was stymied by the rainy, windy weather we've been having and by the fact that my local hobby store doesn't carry paraffin. Maybe next year.

There. Now I've caught up and can quit feeling so guilty!


SStites said...

Quick note--try the grocery store for paraffin--with the canning supplies. Even in urban areas most grocery stores have the basic canning stuff, especially as you get closer to the holidays when folks are making Christmas gift goodies. I love keeping up with you guys through the blog! A. Sharon

The Blake Family said...

Great update! Glad to hear all is well on the homefront! Keep thinking of you, as I still cannot believe that a few posts ago you were halfway through your pregnancy. Before you know it, March will be here and you'll be a family of 4 (well, 5 if you count Millie!).