Monday, December 29, 2008


1. Ram. Can be a verb (as in, I'd like to ram into someone at HP with a large, heavy vehicle because your software glitch is making me crazy and wasting my precious free time); can also be a noun (as in, all we needed was more ram and now our laptop is quickety quick.)

2. Japan. Not China, son. You were born in Japan, you lived in Japan. Please stop insisting it was China. It makes Daddy say things like, "he could be a Chinese spy and we'd never know it."

3. Don't leave the garage door up when it's cold. It makes it really easy for random wildlife to take up residence (more on this later).

4. Yes, kid, that is a funny face. When did you learn to do that? And who taught you because it wasn't one of your parents.

5. Everyone packs differently. I'm a folder or a roller, my husband is a lay everything flat kind of guy (even individual socks! my God, the OCD of it all). Has anyone ever studied this or are we going to have to have a pack-off someday?

6. Taxpayers rock! I just found out that we're* getting a raise. This is very helpful, so thank you. (And yes, I said we. And no, I don't actually earn a paycheck but yet, somehow, I have a lot of control over the cashflow at this house. Maybe that's a problem?)

7. Two-year olds say the darnedest things without even knowing it. That's the best. Like tonight when Wyatt took a bite of grilled yellow pepper, promptly spit it out and announced, "that not a peach!" Something about that...well, maybe you had to be here.

8. The whole month of January, the whole month of February and a couple days of December do not add up to 45 days. They add up to more. Like, a whole two weeks more. I think I shouldn't have done the math.

9. Every child is different, even in utero. Wyatt was such a kicker (still is - have you seen how the diaper changes go down in this house?) and the one I'm incubating right now insists on wiggling. Just weird, spastic, wriggling. It kind of spooks me the way this one can already dance so well. Must take after my dad.

10. Webcams are supercool and we're pretty dumb for not having figured it out sooner. But at least it was a technical success. Now just wish me luck for installing our fancy new router. Congratulations to us - we're finally joining the modern age.


Lisa said...

Well, Im going to be husbandless for most of Jan and all of Feb too. Can I buy you tickets to come and keep me company? As an added bonus you would get to see your husband from time to time but mostly you'd just be here for my benefit. :) I'd have a built in playmate and you'd bring a playmate for my son so it would be win win. We have just enough space in the car for a Wyatt, Stephanie and fetus. What do you say?

The Blake Family said... do you guys have Skype now (with your webcam)? If so, let us know...we can watch your little Chinese...errr...Japanese Wyatt grow up! We miss you guys! Funny post!

Erin Frederick said...

Love your blog Stephanie! Now that you have a webcam, you should check out It's like instant messaging with a's pretty neat:) Glad to see you all are doing good!