Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hail to the Chief

We live within walking distance of a small airport and it turns out our new president was flying in here tonight - his very first flight aboard Air Force One! So I did what any looking-for-free-activities-mom would do and loaded up the kid, the dog and the camera to see what we could see. It turns out we weren't alone in that thought and parking was interesting; Millie stayed in the car while Wyatt and I walked a block to the corner so we could stand with the other crazy folks.

Wyatt understood just enough to say that he wanted to see "President bama's airplane" and then wanted to know where the engines were on that big jet. As you can well imagine, it was fairly anticlimactic, especially since he landed from the east. From the west would've been much more exciting. Oh well. So here's our money shot of the big event:

Impressive, no? Yeah, I need to learn how to use my camera and also it's a little challenging to hold still AND hold a toddler. I'm pretty sure the prez waved at us as he taxied by; try not to be jealous.

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The Blake Family said...

Cool!! The closest we'll ever get to seeing President Obama is watching him on FOX news!