Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yes. That's Much Better.

Sleep is a miraculous thing. After a solid 12 hours of shut-eye last night, Wyatt is happily dancing to his new cd (which I'm thrilled is borrowed from the library because - free!). So I'm taking this opportunity to get a few photos off the camera.

Our Valentine craft.

His favorite play-doh trick: load the end of the roller and then...

...use it like a blow-gun. I might have accidentally taught him that one.

His morning "getting cozy" routine in the chair. Totally self-constructed by stripping pj's, grabbing a pillow and the blanket off the couch.

Using his new golf set. He's always the blue club and he's taken the whole "small swings" rule to the utmost and if you try to putt more than an inch at a time, you'll be scolded for swinging too hard.


Susan said...

I do believe he's had a haircut as well? Very handsome.

Mom said...

My favorite part of the golf game was when he corrected my putting. "Do it like this, grandma."

The Thomas Crew said...

Wyatt, you are so cute!

Great posts and pictures, Steph. I loved catching up on the Wyattisms.