Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's Placed His Bet

When I went to retreive Wyatt from the ChildWatch section at the Y today, I was greeted by all the workers congratulating me on our baby girl. I must have looked baffled because they quickly went on to explain that Wyatt had spent the hour telling them all about his baby sister.


I told them that was interesting, considering we don't know if it's a brother or a sister and that we'd be sure to let them know in a few weeks. They seemed equally vexed that Wyatt was so insistent about this unknown fact. Then the lady in the back piped up and said, "Maybe that explains why, when I asked his sister's name, he just kept saying mommy. It must be because you haven't had her yet."

So in the car on the way home, I said, "you know, we might have a baby brother." In the past this has always made him say, in a sing-song voice, "might get a baby brudder" but today he simply said, "or a sister."

Apparently he officially thinks it's a girl. Three weeks, one day until we should know for sure. We'll be sure to let you know if he wins the prize.


Anonymous said...

Call it big brother intuition....Nathan insisted he was having a sister the entire time, and lo, he got one.

I have a feeling Wyatt just might be right.

The Blake Family said...

I think that maybe Wyatt knows something you do not. He's seemed to be illuding (sp?) to this fact that he is having a sister since...well, since "baby Candy" came into his imaginative play. Can't wait to hear if he has won the bet.

Leslie said...

If he wins, what is the prize? Does he get to name her??? Hmmmm? ;)