Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Phase

First of all, and hopefully this won't be a jinx, we're on day four of dry pants. We've progressed to leaving the house whenever we feel like it though haven't ventured someplace like a park, where the facilities are sketchier. Baby steps.

Secondly, we've entered a new stage of the why nots. He's still not into asking why, but is OBSESSED with knowing the plan for the day. And maybe the plan for tomorrow. It goes a little like this and starts as soon as he wakes:

W: What we doin' Mommy?
S: We're going to go downstairs and have breakfast.
W: And then what we doin' Mommy?
S: And then you're going to play while I make the grocery list.
W: And then what we doin' Mommy?
S: Well, then we'll go upstairs so mommy can get showered so we can go to the commissary.
W: And what we do after you shower, Mommy?
S: We'll brush your teeth and change your clothes so you're ready to go, too.
W: And then what we do, Mommy?
S: Then we'll go to the commissary.
W: What we do after the commissary?
S: What would you like to do, Wyatt?
W: Mmmmm, maybe go to Trader Joe's?
S: We'll see how you behave at the commissary.
W: Well then what we do after the commissary?
S: We'll come home and put our groceries away.
W: And then what we do, Mommy? After we put groceries away?
S: Then we'll have lunch.
W: And what we do after lunch?
S: Then we'll nap.
W: And after nap?
S: We'll see.
W: But what about after nap, Mommy?
S: We'll play.
W: What we do after we play, Mommy?
S: We'll eat dinner.
W: What we do after dinner?
S: We'll see.
W: But what we do then, Mommy? After dinner?
S: We'll hang out until bathtime.
W: And what we do after bath?
S: You'll go to bed.
W: I want to read before bed.
S: Yes, we'll read before bed.
W: And then what we do?
S: You'll sleep.
W: And then what we do?
S: We'll start over again tomorrow.
W: Yay! We start over again tomorrow.

And that was - no kidding - before we left his room this morning. The same conversation repeated itself enough times before we left the house that I told him Mommy would not be answering any questions for five minutes. Which saved me only my breath, not the asking.

Oh, and he also has to know where everything came from.
"That a nice necklace, Mommy, where you get it?"
"I like these jeans Mommy, where I get them?"
"Who gave me this book, Mommy?"
"Where we get that whisk, Mommy?"
"Who gave me this toy, Mommy?"
"Where that girl get that sticker, Mommy?"
"Where Millie get her blanket, Mommy?"
"I like your shirt Mommy. Where you get that shirt?"
"Where you get your shoulder, Mommy?"
"Where I get my belly button, Mommy?"

etc., etc., etc.

You're worn out from reading it. I'm worn out from living it. Can anyone tell me when this will end?


Adrienne said...

Unfortunately, it hasn't ended at our house. Jack must know everyday the same things...creatures of habit I suppose!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...the neighbor is 7 and I don't hear the repetitive line of questions from her so maybe in like 4 years? Helpful? :)

Nathan also has the same curiosity about where everything is from. Something all kids do or just a trait they share?? ("Who got me this patch? Who sent this postcard? Who got me these shoes? Who bought me these airplanes?)

The Blake Family said...

Never...unless you answer the question before it even happens...or ask the question yourself of him. I find that helpful...that way Jackson's answering...well, and then I guess it's followed by questioning from back to my "never" answer. Good luck!

Laurie said...

It's so fun hearing from you about all the stuff that Wyatt does. Such a big boy! Give him big hugs from us!

By the way, we can't wait for the baby to come! Looking forward to seeing if Wyatt is right about it being a sister!

Love you all.