Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Official

I'm large. For me, anyway. At every prenatal appointment with Wyatt, I measured small, he measured small, they were convinced he was going to be Mr. or Ms. Tiny Small (though his 6 lb. 6 oz. birthweight put him on the small side of normal). And, not to be outdone by its older sibling, this baby has also appeared to be on the same course.

Until today. Today I measured right on - which I find fascinating, since up until now I've measured small enough that my doctor has done an ultrasound only to discover the baby is average - which might officially make me the largest pregnant lady I've ever been. And also? I've already gained as much weight as I did during Wyatt's pregnancy and there are 5+ weeks to go, so it can only go up from here, right? That, I have to say, is not too encouraging. I'm sure that last little factoid has nothing to do with my lack of exercise or the constant flow of baked goods through this house.

It's funny how different I feel this time; I never felt unlike myself with Wyatt's pregnancy. You know, just me, but hey! What's that thing making my belly button go flat? This time it's a different story. I feel encumbered. I feel like I'm waddling. I feel like this thing is in the way. I was stretching last night and found myself trying to figure out how to move that lump so I could bend in the direction of my choosing. Yeah, not so much luck with that one. I also no longer own enough yardage of clothing. Either my pants are too low or my shirts are too high and all too often I'm feeling a cool breeze across two or three inches of belly. Very attractive to passers-by, I'm sure.

Wyatt has taken to declaring, "hey! There's the baby!" every time he sees my belly. As if either one of us could forget. And I'm running out of lap for story time before bed. As I think back, that might be part of the reason he practically knocked over my sister when she read to him last week - there was just more room and he really enjoyed kicking back in all that space.

I'm not really complaining. This sure beats all the worry and stress of "your baby is really small and you're really small and if you come back in a week and everything looks the same we might induce you and you should have your bag packed and in the car for every appointment from here on out" that we went through with Wyatt. I'm just thinking that we might not be making a mad rush for preemie-sized clothing this go-around. We'll see!


Susan said...

I saw you last week and unless something has changed dramatically, I want you to know you don't look as big as you feel. I'm not saying you don't feel it, just that you don't look it.

As for Wyatt, you might be right that he was noticing my lap was different than yours, hence the 10-minute v-seat I performed. (Not that a 10-minute v-seat each day wouldn't be good for me...) Anyway, he also doesn't seem to mind sharing your lap with the baby and I never saw him even begin to complain about your bump. It's all good!

The Blake Family said...

I bet some of the "different feelings" are because you are pregnant while chasing a two-year-old around...just a guess. Or, it could be because you are having a girl???? Wish we could meet up with you for lunch and talk about those "pregnant days" when our babies were "small!" Good luck with everything! I know the day is quickly approaching...we are anxious to hear about your new little son or daughter. Hope all goes well.

Laurie said...

Your comment about not having enough "yardage of clothing" made me laugh out loud!

Taylor and Allison said...

If you need the preemie clothes, I'll send 'em your way! ;)