Sunday, February 01, 2009


Things I've taken time to notice lately:

1. Wyatt doesn't say "because"; he says, "cabuh" or something similar.

2. Every time we pull into our driveway he announces that the garage door is a mouth. Only it comes out as "mowf".

3. He takes great pleasure in not sitting in his booster seat at the table anymore. He likes to sit on his knees and also really enjoys choosing which chair he'll grace with his presence for the coming meal.

4. He loves taking off his pajamas in the morning and then crawling into our armchair to "get cozy." Today he invited me to join him and we covered up with a blanket, then Millie hopped on top and we cuddled that way for a good 45 minutes while I read the paper and he watched tv. Sometimes I think he absolutely craves that kind of time together. He also took that opportunity (you know, with us both wedged into one chair) to hug me a million times, tell me he loves me, that we have a great family and that he can't wait to meet our baby. If even a tenth of it is true, we're good.

5. One of his favorite phrases is, "come see what I did!" Today it was that he'd stacked all the pillows in our bedroom on the couch. When I admired it from the doorway, he pulled my hand and said, "come see it closer!" This same exercise is repeated fairly frequently every day.

6. Today he helped "fold laundry" by grabbing each item from a stack of folded clothes, shaking it, and then tossing it in a laundry basket. He had so much fun 'helping' me that it was worth it.

7. He loves to ask, "what you doin' Mommy?" and then usually follows with, "what I doin' Mommy?"

8. He had his first smoothie today and thought it was pretty fantastic.

9. He can pick out many of his books by looking only at the spine on the bookshelf. I understand it when it's a book in high rotation (currently Stellaluna and The Maestro Plays) but was slightly surprised when he chose Ping last night off the top shelf and announced the name of the book before he'd actually removed it and seen the cover. Maybe he has a thing for fonts like his mom.

10. He looked at a 1.5" square headshot of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin in the paper and informed me that was football. I'm guessing it was the headset that clued him in, but it was a little baffling nonetheless.

11. He still insists he's having a sister (to the point that outsiders assume we, too, have confirmation of that fact) but if you press him to choose boy or girl, he'll often say it's a boy. Maybe he doesn't want to be disappointed?

12. I think we're off the hook for naming the baby Candy. Yesterday he informed me her name will be Addison and I think this just proves he thought we got to keep the baby Addison we watched for our friends last month.

13. Wherever we've been, once we're headed home he tells me that "Millie no get on the couch while we are gone. That's a bad idea." And he launches into that speech as soon as we walk in the door, even if Millie is still asleep in her own bed. As my mom pointed out, he just likes to be in charge of someone and poor Millie is his whipping girl.

14. If you call me on the phone you're likely to hear him in the background (rudely) shouting, "I need to talk to you!" FYI, he's talking to you, not me. As in, he'd like to be the one having the phone conversation. We're working on the manners.

15. One of his favorite phrases when talking to Jeff is, "I can't wait to see you, Daddy!" And then when Jeff says, "I can't wait to see you, either" Wyatt always replies with "no really, Daddy! I can't wait!" Maybe he thinks if he says it in all earnestness then Jeff will be home sooner.

16. He would happily go to Trader Joe's every. single. day.

17. He would happily go to Costco every. single. day. but only for the samples. He's a bit of a beggar for the samples.

18. I can tell when he's tired at night because he practically kicks me out of his room as I'm putting him to bed. You know, I'm all "I love you, Wyatt and I'll see you in the morning" and he replies with "close the door, Mommy." Or last night, I tucked him in and was busy drinking in his sweet face, praising him for being a good boy all day and telling him how lucky I am to have him as my kid, etc. when he interrupted me to demand his blessing and that I turn out the light.

19. If you ask him a "how" question (i.e. "how's your sandwich" or "how are you feeling?"), he interprets it as a yes/no. So you ask how and he says yes. It's a tad confusing.

20. We have not entered the "why?" stage, but are firmly in the grips of the why nots. And sometimes it comes out as "why not we do dat, Mommy?" Which I like to turn back to him and then he'll say, "cabuh it's a bad idea."

5 comments: said...

loved the list-- it was so fun to read these....Wyatt is at such a fun age! I am totally with Wyatt on #16.....maybe 17. And #19-- Nathan still does ("how do you feel?" yes "whats the matter?" yes).

I cant wait to hear all about what he thinks of his "sister" (.....or brother) :)

Mom said...

I've heard them all recently. Of course one of my favorites too was, "I can't wait to see your house again." Just warms a grandma's heart.

Adrienne said...

I love them all! I miss his sweet little voice! I'm glad you are feeling good and had a break! Talk to you soon!

The Blake Family said... great to get caught up with Wyatt. Funny, Stellaluna has become a recent interesting book in our house too! Every time I open it up, I am reminded of Japan.

Laurie said...

Number 15 is so sweet!
We miss and love y'all so much!