Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here we are, two days past due date, two days past my doc's attempt to get things started "naturally", one day past 16 hours of fairly regular contractions (that never got less than 16 minutes apart) and now? Nothing. No contractions today, folks. That was just a tease. Typical second-born: running late, a little stubborn, wants to make an entrance, probably thinks this is entertaining the family.

Maybe tomorrow?

Dear highly anticipated baby,
We're excited to meet you and were hoping you would be excited to meet us, too. Your big brother keeps asking where you are. Your grandma has been here for over a week because you faked us out a couple weeks ago. You have made your point: you'd like to be the star of the show. Newsflash: you can't really star in anything until you show up. And just so you know, if you don't do this on your own terms, you'll be doing it on ours one evening very soon.

Much love,


Adrienne said...

Darn, I thought maybe today was the day! Well, I'll keep thinking positive labor thoughts! Hang in there!

PS, oh hightly anticipated baby,
You have a very impatient "auntie" Ade! So hurry already!

Love you guys!

The Blake Family said...

It's easy for me to simply say, "Hang in there," but Hang in there! I'll keep checking the blog with high hopes that baby #2 decides to show her/his face soon.