Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Goes On

Wyatt started swimming lessons last week and, of course, last week I forgot the camera (actually not the whole camera, just the battery, but same difference). I was really heartbroken because I thought surely this week I would be occupied with other stuff and not make it to swim lessons. We all know how that's going. So today, I remembered both the camera and the battery and managed to get some evidence that Wyatt loves the water.

He's not entirely fond of going under but I think we'll get there. I figure a few more lessons and one good trip to the Grandparents' in Florida and he'll be a full-fledged fish.


Adrienne said...

Love it!

The Blake Family said...

Looks like he's having a blast! Maybe soon, baby #2 will be able to join you at swimming lessons.

Mike, Jamie and Caden said...

I'm looking so foward to the day when we can play in the water with Caden! Wyatt is such a handsome young man:) We are anxiously awaiting the news about baby #2 (as I'm sure you are too!). We enjoyed seeing Jeff last month. Love to you both.