Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stop, Thief!

I'm currently trying to figure out who stole the last month. Natalie's already a month old and I really can't figure out how that happened. Things we know about her at one month:

1. The girl can eat. And eat and eat and eat.

2. Consequently, the girl can poop and poop and poop. She is especially adept at pooping through outfits (average: 3 per day) as it shoots clear up her back.

3. Oxyclean is really good stuff.

4. She likes her swing. Wyatt hated the swing; we got a new, fancy one since everyone said the papasan swings are like crack for babies. That might just mean she's a crack addict because it totally works.

5. She's a great sleeper. Since about our third night home, she's only gotten up once a night. It used to be that she'd stay awake for a good two hours during the night, which was rough, but the last couple of nights she's whittled that down to an hour. Hopefully the new pattern holds.

6. She actually likes a pacifier. Wyatt hated them. Turns out they're pretty different kids already.

7. She's just starting to find her voice but does her little grunts more often.

8. She doesn't like her carseat for the first few blocks of every ride, but then caves and sleeps like a champ.

9. Newborn-sized stuff is now too small. Sad, but true. Now she's getting into the plethora of cute 0-3 mo. stuff.

10. She has more clothes than I do.

11. Her eyes are getting more blue but her hair is staying fairly dark. I think she'll be more brunette than her brother.

12. She's changing every day (as newborns tend to do) and we all love her to pieces.


Adrienne said...

Precious! She better not get too big before next month! I need my baby fix! Especially a baby Girl!

The Blake Family said...

No kidding???? Natalie's a month old? Are you sure?? Wow, where did the last month go?? Darling pictures of your precious daughter!! Wish we could see her in person...some day, hopefully!

beverly said...

She is beautiful, Stephanie!