Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things that Currently Make Me Happy

1. Seriously chocolate cake with seriously chocolate buttercream icing. Lots of icing.

2. A very verbose 2-year old who says sweet things ("I want to cuddle with you, Mommy") and told Grandma that she could not take Millie with her today because he would miss her. And the impromptu kisses get me every time.

3. My baby - she's five weeks old today - has started sleeping through the night. Even if this is an anomaly and she goes back to waking in the wee hours, I don't care. She's done it. I had very low expectations on this subject since Wyatt didn't sleep through until he was seven months old. Five weeks v. seven months = big happy difference.

4. The weather is finally beautiful and is supposed to stay that way. Spring has finally (really) arrived.

5. The yahoos (and I use that term because it's the only kid-friendly thing I can call them) who put in our patio last December have finally returned to seal it. Trust me when I tell you this was worthy of celebration.

6. Our friends in Scotland sent a baby gift for Natalie, a very thoughtful big brother gift and a movie of our trip to China four years ago. All are huge hits - baby in a kilt? I can't wait. Wyatt coloring Loch Ness monster pictures? Another occasion to look at our globe. Reliving the most interesting trip of my life while I happen to be reading a book about travels through China? Awesome. Thanks, guys!


The Blake Family said...

You are most welcome! We want to see a picture of that cute little girl in that kilt when it fits her...we fell in love with it (well, I did!) when I saw it and thought it was perfect for Natalie! And the Loch Ness coloring book, hope it keeps Wyatt busy while you rest a bit! Enjoy the "trip down memory lane" with the China has become one of Jackson's favorite videos to watch (who knew??)!! We love watching it too...ah memories!!

Fisch Tales said...

Please please please let me know how you got her to sleep so well. I think that we have actually regressed in the sleeping department out in these parts. I'm SO ready for a good night sleep!