Friday, May 08, 2009

A Little Insurance

I have recently made the decision to wean Natalie. Nursing was never overly successful with Wyatt but I battled it through for seven months, never feeling great about it (not helped by his failure to thrive diagnosis and repeatedly holding up the small end of the scale). Things started out barely okay with Natalie and we're kind of heading down the same path so I'm holding true to the promise I made to me: don't make yourself miserable. So we're on Operation Formula Increase around here with the idea being that I'll wrap up the nursing at 2 months. That's next Friday.

So what did she do? She went and got herself a cold with fever (in all fairness, I'm sure one of us unwittingly delivered it to her) so now I'm feeling all panicky about her immune system. Stinker. After two visits to urgent care in the last 20 hours, we're pretty sure she just has a cold and is actually fine. The doctor's are cautiously unconcerned after having screened her for more serious stuff like RSV, flu, pneumonia and UTI and expect the fever to run its course by the end of the weekend. We'll see. Needless to say, she's had a little more nursing in the last 20 hours than she might have otherwise had. Because apparently I think I am actually passing a little defense shield through to her, though obviously I'm not since she's already sick. Nice work, baby girl, you're now guaranteed the free stuff for at least another week.

In happier news? My daughter is officially growing well, tipping the scales just shy of 11 pounds. If my math is correct, that means she's gained more than an ounce a day since birth. I'm sure that makes her perfectly average but that alone makes her a complete anomaly for this house! I love it.


The Blake Family said...

Oh dear...bless you all! I hope that Natalie starts feeling better quickly, as well as any of the rest of you that have the same cold. Glad she continues to grow despite that pesky cold!

Susan said...

I'm so sorry she's sick. :-(