Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Since the In-Laws Asked

When I get called out by Jeff's parents, it's time to post. We've been busy around here; standard stuff plus I hosted a baby shower over the weekend and that's a feat only because I don't have reliable chunks of time to myself anymore. My friend Tara (who's in town for a couple of months - yay!) totally bailed me out one morning by taking Wyatt with her to the Living Museum and Jeff did more than his fair share of kid care day and night to let me have time to prep everything. But whatever - it was totally fun for me to host and it worked out.

In the meantime, Natalie's growing like a champ and we've discovered she has some pretty sensitive skin. That means that we've rewashed (technically, we're in the process) everything in her room. Thankfully it seems to be helping. In Wyatt news, he's taken to some serious nap-protesting. As in he didn't take one at all for a day last week and spent another one sleeping in his little green chair after having been told he could play in his room but that he couldn't come out until I went to get him. We seem to be back on track which is great because I'm totally not ready for him to give up naps. And I don't really think he is, either, considering he averages three hours every day.

Also? Wyatt's coming up with some real winners in the conversation department. Today he started multiple conversations with, "I tell you what..." and then proceeded to inform me of his plans. He's really good at making plans, by the way. My least favorite yet most often repeated question is "what we doin' today Mommy?" One day I told him I didn't know so he decided we'd be going to the park. And then he repeated that about forty times before breakfast. And then we saw a Dunkin' Donuts ad in the paper (he asks for the sports section every morning) and he decided we'd go get donuts after the park. Needless to say, that's not how our day progressed but I was pretty impressed with his planning skills.

Wyatt's favorite toy right now is a box of dry rotini pasta. If I'd had any idea how much mileage he'd get out of that, I would have given it to him ages ago. The "tini", as he calls it, even went outside with us yesterday to assist in the potting of our new plants (sidenote: we purchased the plants at Home Depot and Wyatt wanted to know why we weren't going to Lowe's. He prefers Lowe's, just so you know) and was pretty much the only thing he played with today. He is also the proud owner of a new rake, courtesy of Jeff and Operation Sod the Bare Spots, and that is getting a fair amount of love, too.

This is Natalie's smile. It's a winner as are those cheeks.

Wyatt is a child after my heart - note that the cupcake has been de-frosted only. He announced he was finished.

What's that phrase about children and apron strings? It's hard to make cookies with a kid in your arms.

Boy and rake, a happy combo. Incidentally, that's a giant pollen clump he's carting around.

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The Blake Family said...

I'm so glad to know that Jackson is not the only one still taking 2-3 hour naps...don't you just love it?!? I certainly do! Sounds like things are going well still. Say hi to Tara for me!