Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Six Weeks

I've often referenced this as Wyatt's baby book, but he actually has a paper one that gets filled in at random intervals. But Natalie, sweetie, this really is your baby book since we don't even own an old-school one for you. So, without further ado, Natalie at six weeks.

1. She's smiling at us when we smile at her. She does it most frequently for Jeff, but hasn't left out me or Wyatt. Wrapping daddy around her little finger already?

2. She is too big for anything newborn-sized. Too long, too wide, feet too long for footed things, etc. From bottom to shoulders, she's the length of my forearm. I like having these "permanent" reminders of my kid's size (my mental measurement of Wyatt is from the day he was born when Jeff announced that his calves were the size of almonds).

3. She's starting to coo at us. That might be my favorite new thing because I just know it's the start of a lot more conversation in this house.

4. She fakes us out most nights. She'll be sound asleep at 8:30 or 9, we put her in bed and as soon as we turn back our covers a little later, she stirs. And she stays awake until close to midnight. Jeff has been covering that shift since I'm usually up with her between 4 and 5. Apparently her attempts to sleep through the night weren't as fun for her as they were for me.

5. She's starting to develop some sort of refluxy, coughy thing that scares us a bit so now she gets held upright for a solid 20-30 minutes after every feeding. Maybe she's faking so she'll get more cuddle time?

6. She's developing rolls. Under her chin, on her thighs, on her little forearms. While that is normal for many babies, I wouldn't have ever described Wyatt as a rolly child so it's new and fascinating to us.

7. She LOVES her baths. I don't think she's ever cried in the tub and usually just tosses a leg over the side of the sling so her toes are dangling in the water.

8. She's rockin' some sweet baby acne and goopy eyes. A sight to behold, I tell you.

9. Her eyes get more blue every day.

10. Her hair is staying brown and isn't showing signs of lightening up.

11. We're now averaging only two outfits per day due to diaper explosions. It's an improvement!

12. She gets lots of hugs, kisses and "pets" from Wyatt and tolerates them quite nicely.

13. Natalie is tolerant of the sling, which has proven helpful on more than one occasion. However, she has been in the baby bjorn once and was not particularly loving it. Again, opposite of my first-born.

14. Natalie will rarely sleep through our dinner. It's as though she knows she's missing a family activity and demands to be included. So we do, because she's a member of our family and deserves to be included.
15. That said, we still lack in the photo department until I make myself take a picture or two. I swear, we'll have a real photo session one of these days. Probably about the time that she can talk and demand it for herself.
This is the best I could do trying to capture a smile. Trust me, this doesn't do it justice.


The Blake Family said...

Sounds like such a sweetie. Thank goodness for blogs...right? I reference ours to do Jackson's baby book...I should just give into the fact that our blog is his baby book.

kristen said...

Love the updates...glad to see that you and Kristin are behind too....but see you two actually write great not so much..but I try pictures that counts for something right? Brian is going TDY in a few weeks for a week and my quest is to actually stop buying cute stuff for the baby book and put it together. Hopefully it will work. Give Natalie and Wyatt kisses from us and hope that you are doing well.

Susan said...

Come on, May 18!

The Thomas Crew said...

Such a sweet girl! Enjoy every bit of it, Steph. As you know, it goes by way too fast (and I mean like having-a-3rd-and-1st-grader-in-the-upcoming-school-year kind of fast.)