Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Million Dollar Question

At dinner last night with friends, the question arose: what would you do with a million dollars? Of course we all assumed that we would have to spend it (nothing so responsible as saving for kids' educations, etc.) and it was funny because we all - stay at home moms - had similar answers. Nannies, chefs, cleaners, personal improvements, etc.

However, after more thought, I change my answer: I want a paycheck.

And with that paycheck, I might still hire help but really? I just miss a paycheck. Because somehow, collecting pay every week might validate what I'm doing on a daily basis more than anything else. How dumb is that? Don't answer. I'm aware that I should feel "paid" by Wyatt when he says, "here Mommy, you can have this ball because you're a really good mommy" and by Natalie when she beams at the sound of my voice, but last time I checked those two methods of payment can't buy a darn thing.

So that's my answer. What's yours?


Susan said...

Well, you don't want to hear it. Mine would be, without hesitation, the ability to NOT earn a paycheck. The grass is truly always greener.

Katie said...

AMEN! I would like some kind of recognition from society-at-large that we full time parents are busting our ASSES--and our jobs are harder than people think they are! I need some RESPECT, people! :) And a paycheck so I can go get a manicure whenever I want with no one telling me that is an unnecessary expense. oh, and I'd like a nanny to watch the kids while I spend my mommy paycheck at the salon.