Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Heard it Here First

Today's favorites:

Me: Wyatt, do you remember the days of the week?

W: Yes. Monday, Tuesday, Threesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, bubble bath Sunday!


W: I can't find my hockey ball!

Me: Well, look in your room and under my bed.

W: I can't find it. It's not there (high drama, fyi, with much whining and pouting).

Me: We can just play with another ball.

W: But I want my hockey ball!

Me: Well, honey, I know you think I'm magic and I can find it, but this is what happens when things don't get put away where they belong. I really don't know where it is so let's just play with a different ball.

W: But you are magic!

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Mike, Jamie and Caden said...

Ahhh...isn't it great to have someone be your biggest fan? I'm so looking forward to that age! Natalie is beautiful, too. Hope to see you in September!