Sunday, August 30, 2009


In the last week...

First time in the jumper for Natalie:

First solids (not a huge fan and a total spoon-grabber. She's going to be messy.)

First photo session sitting up the whole time:

First big boy bike:

First big boy bike maintenance session with Daddy:

First rocket launch. Not sure what made this hobby come back to Jeff, but it did and I think we're hooked. It was so fun! He and Wyatt built the rocket last weekend so today we took it to the park.
First Wyatt watched while Daddy set it up:

Then Wyatt flipped out at the sound of it whooshing into the air:

Then Wyatt spent the next ten minutes with fingers in his ears:
Then we went for launch #2, with Wyatt planted thisclose to me, further away from the launch site:
Then he got to play with the recovered rocket:

And here he is, loving this whole experience.

Good times.


Leslie said...

Oooh, that rocket looks like fun...can't wait to hint about it to Paul :)

Susan said...

I can't reply now. I'm busy trying to find pictures of you at Natalie's age because, well, gosh, I do believe this one's yours!

Jody & Joey said...

Hey - just stopping in to say HI and see what the Rocks are up to. Natalie is getting so big so fast! Good to know she has a new Rife playmate just down the street. Did I tell you that Sarah was almost a Natalie? Like the name but Sarah is definitely a seeing the pics

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, those kiddos are growing so fast! Natalie is so stinkin' precious, and I just love the sequence of shots from the rocket launch. So funny!