Monday, August 17, 2009

Five Months

I have one, maybe two, months left to figure out how to freeze time. I love this stage of babyhood and it's moving too fast. Natalie at five months:

- weighs about 15 lbs.

- doesn't sleep through the night; she's up once between 1:30 and 3, then back to bed until 6:30 or 7. I'm only complaining a little bit since Wyatt was still up multiple times a night at this age (and that's where this blog is coming in handy: fact-checking my own life).

- has figured out how to blow raspberries but does it with less frequency and intensity than Wyatt did.

- shrieks a LOT, loudly, in Mariah Carey's upper register.

- has light brown hair all over her head except for the dark brown leftover newborn hair in two patches on the back. It's really quite an interesting style.

- smiles for her big brother, basically as soon as he looks at her.

- just figured out how to sit up on her own for brief stints.

- hasn't had any solids yet but keeps trying to take our food. She has recently grabbed my water glass, my cereal bowl and my triscuit. The inevitable mess of baby food is looming.

- has a hard time laying down without immediately rolling over. And over and over. Diaper changes get more interesting every day.

- loves holding onto her toes when paused on her back.

- takes great interest in Millie.

- likes being tossed (gently, of course) into the air for laughs.

- loves her bath.

- usually loves the pool.

- spends a lot of time in her exersaucer, most often chewing on the little stuffed flag or the top of the mirror.

- likes to jump.

- swims vigorously when laying on the floor and has pushed herself into a plank position once.

- has started going after toys (much to Wyatt's dismay).

- is still sporting a wide, gummy grin but it keeps seeming as though the bottom teeth could appear any time.

- thinks she can hold her bottle with one hand and often makes herself angry trying.

- wore a bow for the first time on Saturday.

- very much knows her name.

- definitely knows Wyatt's voice and looks for him as soon as she hears it.

- greets us every morning and after every nap with a big smile and happy wriggles.

- still just melts into us when we hold her making both Mommy and Daddy really, really happy.


kristen said...

She is oh so sweet! Funny the two things she chews on are the same two that Bryce still chews on...I think we have the same one....I use it as a baby jail when I am on the computer and he prefers to pull the plugs, dump the CD's, and turn the blue light of the computer off and on....OH how I miss the 5 month days :) But still love every day. Hope you have a great evening!

The Thomas Crew said...

LOVE the bow! She is so cute, Steph.

Mike, Jamie and Caden said...

Happy, happy times. I'm enjoying little Adalie Giampietri at this age, so I know exactly what you're talking about! And, girl, I hear you on the diaper changes. I never knew I could get so good at changing a diaper backwards...WHILE caden is in mid-crawl!