Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to Life

Yep. I really love vacation. I like lots of lazing around on the beach or poolside with many extra, loving hands to care for my kids. I like the way my laundry shows up clean and immaculately folded, I like the yummy dinners, I like the evening glasses of wine and I like having the time and free hands to take about two thousand pictures so I can experiment a little more with my camera. I like reading two books in a week. So you can imagine how sad I am that it's now over.

Reality was slow to creep in since the kids were bordering fantastic in the car on the way home. It should be said that it's a long drive from Virginia to Florida. There are many interesting things to see on that drive but there are many more miles of fairly uninteresting surroundings. I'd like to think Wyatt learned a little more about our (really rather amazingly diverse) country, but I think that's overstating things. We all made it home and it was good to get back. We have 1.5 new bathrooms and the kids took their first joint bath together tonight in their new tub. Both found it hilarious.

We've spent our day unpacking, cleaning, running errands, doing yardwork and just generally recovering. Jeff seems to be bouncing back well. I might be having a slightly harder time adjusting from the balmy temps of the beach to our chilly fall air. There was a conversation in the night about how if he thought Natalie needed a bottle he was going to need to get up and fix it because I'd already been up once with her and had turned into a popsicle. And since there was plastic taped over my dresser, I couldn't quite (in my sleepy stupor) figure out how to get some warmer pajamas. So he fed her and I hunkered down. He's a prince. Wyatt is very happy to be reunited with his drum set and his own bed; Natalie seems to be looking for the other people. You know, the ones who kept entertaining her and feeding her and making silly faces to make her smile - the grandparents. Wyatt also keenly observed that the leaves are starting to turn and that there are acorns everywhere. Yep and yep. And after pretty much not eating for ten days, Millie has made quick work of every bit of kibble since we've returned.

So. That's that. Time to start figuring out the next trip.

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