Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop, Thief!

Dear Father Time,
Why are you moving at breakneck speed? Wasn't it only a month or so ago that I was lazing around in the afternoons, baby in my belly and Wyatt asleep in the chair with me? It's so funny to think that we didn't know that was Natalie back then because now...well, now we know our Natalie! At seven months she is (still) a delightfully happy baby.

She is so easy. No nap? Okay. Three naps? Okay. Schedule shmedule, that's what she says. Wyatt's having a tantrum? She laughs. She apparently took note of Jeff saying only one child is allowed to cry at a time because man, she followed that rule to a tee while we were in the car for thirty hours last week. And she is so easily amused by Wyatt, Millie, her parents, random people in stores, doesn't matter. If you acknowledge her in the slightest, she'll beam at you. If you're lucky, she'll give you her little coy smile where she tucks in her chin, turns her head and bats her (thankgodthey'relongerthanmine) eyelashes. She's just 17.5 lbs. of joy, that one. Such a chunk of love. That's my girl.

Her latest trick is that she can get from sitting to tummy and back to sitting without assistance. Though she's not crawling yet, she is definitely on the move. We've padded the bricks on the hearth in anticipation and it's a good thing since she can cover the spread of the family room in about ten seconds with her combination of rolling, double-knee scooting and forward lurching. Crawling will come quickly, I'm afraid. And she seems to be a baby on a mission. I swear she's studying Wyatt while he runs with a look that seems to say, "how can I make my legs do that?" She's officially had her first cheerios and only gagged once, so that was good. Millie is getting back in the groove of hanging out around the highchair. She spends her entire bath splashing and shrieking, she loves her little loveys at bedtime and greets each and rarely gets upset. And when Wyatt and I sing our special little Natalie Sarah song to her, she starts smiling and bouncing on about the third note.

I love that baby girl and I love this age. So Father Time, if you have any heart at all, you'll slow it down a notch.



Heather and Scott said...

She is a cutie! But now I want to hear the song that you and Wyatt sing to her :) Love how different your babies were :)

SStites said...

Just love to read all about the Rock family adventures and those adorable little people, especially when the text is so well written and just totally entertaining! Good job, Steph. Makes me feel like I really know those little ones even though I've only actually laid eyes on Wyatt once and Natalie not at all! Thanks for taking time to blog and keep those family ties intact! Hugs to all of you. A. Sharon