Friday, October 16, 2009


I thought today's car conversations should be documented as evidence as to why I might eventually go completely batty.

Me: Wyatt, look at that 18 wheeler!

W: that one?

Me: yep.

W: the one with brown on the back?

Me: yep.

W: the one with all those wheels?

Me: yep.

W: the one that has the R on it?

Me: yep.

W: the one right there?

Me: yep.

W: the one that has blue and green writing, too?

Me: yep.

W: oh, I see it.


upon presentation of the cut-out person from Kidville which has blue and green scribbles and blue googly eyes and says "God Made all People" on the back.

W: I made that Mommy, and it's for yooooouuu!

Me: Thank you! I love it.

W: It has blue and green.

Me: I see that. What does it say?

W: the teacher wrote my name on it.

Me: And what were you learning about?

W: It's me! And it's for yoooouuu! I missed you, Mommy!

Me: I missed you, too. Did you learn about people today?

W: I don't know.

Me: Do you know what this says?

W: no.

Me: It says, "God made all people."

W: It's me! God made me!

Me: That's right. Did you talk about that at Kidville today?

W: I don't know. God made me.

Me: That's right.

W: And God made yoooouuuu, and Natalie and Daddy and Millie and trees and those signs.

Me: Yep, God made all people and animals and trees.

W: And those signs.

Me: Well, God made the people that made those signs, but he didn't make the signs.

W: Oh. (pause)  How about those signs?

Me: He made people and animals and trees, and people make those signs.

W: Oh. Then I think he made that truck.


Mom said...

The kid makes me laugh out loud!

Ade said...

I love it! We've had a similar conversation about what God did and din't make...difficult concept I guess.