Thursday, October 15, 2009


I knew this day would come - I've been waiting for it my whole life. I put off cleaning out the final road trip remnants from the truck and thank goodness I did. For this morning, as I was nearing the drop-off point for preschool, I handed Wyatt his bag and saw the "it's my turn for show and share" tag attached to the handle. As in, TODAY it's his turn. As in, I didn't see that tag Tuesday when I picked him up or last night when I got out the bag for today or this morning when I put his lunch in there. That damn butterfly tag was hiding until we were in cue for him to go in. Panic set in until I looked around at my pit of a car and thought, hey! There's got to be something in here that will work! So the first thing I grabbed was a book for the Tag reader. He was thrilled with that idea until he realized we only had the book, not the reader part. Yeah, good point since the book alone is nothing special. Scramble again, dig a little bus! Yay! Here's the school bus Grandma gave you! Isn't that perfect for show and share? Yes? Oh, good boy.

Thirty four years and my procrastination is validated. I love it when a plan works out.

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Tracy Lushnat said...

Yeah, totally did that too. Except that only thing I could come up with was a matchbox car that I deemed unaccceptable. So he took nothing. I am sure the teacher took mental notes about Connor's mom...