Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Evolution at Warp Speed

She just started crawling yesterday. Is this really what I should've expected to find after her nap today?

Oh, and her big brother is really proud of her. Little does he know this is just another step to his world in ruins.


kristen said...

Such a big girl...watch out world here she comes :) More watch out Wyatt...boy will he be sad when she starts getting into all of his prized toys. Hope you all are doing well!

Susan said...

Do you think Thomas has been coaching her on the side? She's on track for the 10-month walk just like her cousin!

Lisa said...

Im impressed she pulled that off so quick!! On a separate but related note, I was hmm...impressed? concerned? when I went to get Mackenzie from her nap and found two children in the crib. Thankfully the bottom didn't fall out. When asked how he got in there Nathan responded with, "well....I just leaned over and rolled in there (complete with hand/body motions)."