Saturday, January 16, 2010


Natalie, I'm sorry this is a day late. Blame it on your grandparents. See, we're visiting them right now and I'm just so relaxed and detached from the computer and busy playing with you and your brother that I didn't quite get around to posting yesterday. That's okay, you didn't develop any new skills in the last twenty-four hours anyway.

You, at ten months:
*scale the steps with agility and speed, though have suffered one "rapid descent" which didn't slow you down a bit.
*eat with gusto, preferring any table food to baby food (except avocado; you really don't like it) and we've figured out that if we - or better yet, Wyatt - pretend to be eating your baby food, you'll devour that, too.
*love to squawk, shriek, growl, rrrrrrrrrrrroll your r's, pound your hand and clap your way through the day.
*put every. single. thing. into your mouth (like all babies do) and then just smile at us, waiting to see if you're allowed to chew on that item or not.
*cruise pretty efficiently but are not too brave in leaning to reach the next perch.
*are into pretty much everything and of course find the things that you absolutely shouldn't have first
*are figuring out how to antagonize your brother
*tolerate much pushing, head butting, feet in your face, etc. from your brother. He's rarely out to hurt you (the drumming on your head last week notwithstanding) and you seem to know that. You also seem to appreciate him getting in trouble for it. Are you working the system?
*have hair that is in your eyes and is starting to look pretty scraggly but are often unwilling to leave any sort of clip in it.
*are starting to sign "all done" and "more". Unfortunately, you're using pretty much the same sign for both.
*thought it was pretty cool to be seatbelted in to your own seat on our flight and looked at me with a very "look at me, I'm a big girl!" face.
*have four teeth on top, two on bottom and two that are peeking through.
*love to fake sneeze, fake cough and imitate us. We swear you said "grandpa" the other day, yet "mama" has not yet been uttered.
*are fascinated with your cousins and delighted Great Grandma when you let her tickle you into giggle fits last night.
*are showing us glimmers of an ornery personality waiting to be verbal and mobile. Look out world!

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The Blake Family said...

Just reading this...a little behind, I am...anyway, I cannot absolutely believe that she is 10 months old!!! When did that happen??!!!!?? Seems like yesterday she was born. Sounds like things are going well, and she's "holding her own" with her big brother.