Friday, January 29, 2010

He's Got a Point

Wyatt drank out of this cup tonight:

My young son might have been having a bit of trouble focusing on eating his dinner this evening, seeing as how he was so. very. busy. chatting. So I finally, in a fit of holy-cow-it's-been-a-long-day, suggested he take a two minute break from talking so that his mouth would be available for chewing.

Please imagine my surprise when he actually complied...kind of. Instead of talking to me, he engaged his cup in conversation. It was a little one-sided, but went something like this:

W: You have a very nice face.

Cup: silence.

W: And you have a neat hat.

Cup: silence.

W: And you have pants. And some shoes.

Cup: silence.

W: And you have in interesting shirt and some legs.

Cup: silence, but clearly thinking that this kid is kind of strange.

W: You have all of that, but you don't have a nose. Why don't you have a nose?

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Laurie said...

That post made me laugh out loud! Oh, that Wyatt never ceases to bring a great big smile to my face.
Love you all!