Monday, February 15, 2010


Natalie, dear, it's that time again. I think every month flies by faster and I'm in a bit of denial that one more of these milestone entries means you're one. One!  BUT since right now you're eleven months old, I really just have thirty more days of not yet one so let's celebrate that.

What you're up to: blowing kisses; giving big wet kisses on demand; signing more regularly but largely with your own spin on things; 'talking' with Wyatt at the table; asserting your independence; entertaining us all then laughing a good "ha ha ha" when we laugh at you; regularly clearing out "your shelf" in the pantry - I can always tell you've been playing there when I find the pudding mix and rice packets on the floor; carrying stuff in your mouth while you crawl; cruising and standing on your own for longer stretches with a smug look of pride on your sweet face; opening cabinet doors (hint: your brother left those alone...why can't you?); chucking the leapfrog alphabet magnets around the kitchen; chasing Millie out of her bed so you can roost there instead; playing drums in Wyatt's room; dancing to music or anyone singing.

Other things of note: you're over baby food but will tackle any adult food tossed your way; you love to drink water out of open cups; you love to throw sippy cups but rarely drink from them; you still reject avocado in all forms but are finally coming around on bananas; you now ride in a big girl carseat and were quite obviously delighted with the change; you still wander around making your trademark Natalie sound; you are twenty pounds of deliciousness.

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