Thursday, February 11, 2010


So Monday morning was an auspicious start to our week. Let's see...Monday afternoon I started feeling crummy but figured it was just, heh, Monday. By dinner time I was feeling really bad and called the squadron in hopes of catching Jeff before he took off for his night flight. My plan was to beg him to skip the debrief but by the grace of God, his jet was broken and he wasn't able to fly which meant I just asked him to come home. I never, NEVER call him home, but I kind of thought that having the stomach flu just didn't mix well with a few more wakeful hours with my kids. Nice, huh? He arrived home in time to rescue us, get the kids to bed and discover that guess what? He had the stomach flu too! YAY! Let me just tell you that never in my wildest what-would-happen-if scenarios did I imagine two sick adults and two healthy kids. It's really not a good mix. Thankfully it was a less-than-24-hour illness and we were both functioning again by Tuesday night, when Wyatt dabble briefly with his own version of The Sick. Yesterday was recovery for all of us and today we're good to go. I'm hoping that we've checked that been-there-done-that square for quite a while!

On a much happier note, my kids apparently plotted today as both greeted me post-nap in ways that made me laugh. Natalie had stripped herself of her pants. Something about a not-yet-11-month-old undressing herself while she's supposed to be napping is really funny. And then we went to get Wyatt (yes "we" - Natalie is often awake before him in the afternoon and crawls into his room at high speed when I tell her we need to go get her Wyatt) and he greeted us from his new bed on the floor. His pillow, his animals, his comforter and one cozy young man were all bundled up. He was quite proud of himself and assured me he napped there the whole time. Funny boy.

Lastly, today was Wyatt's chapel day at school which involved a little prayer time and a lot of singing for the parents. When we went to chapel in the fall, Wyatt spent his time not really singing and instead chose to make funny faces at me and Jeff. Today, he sang. I mean HE SANG. He was that one voice, rising above the others, not really on the right notes but man. There was some joy in his heart, escaping through his vocal chords. And while other parents were probably thinking that they might like to hear their own kids, I loved every second of it.

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Susan said...

Glad you're all better and crossing fingers for Nat and Millie.

The picture of Wyatt's joy escaping through his vocal cords makes me laugh out loud.