Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gettin' Educated

I had the privilege of helping out at Wyatt's school this morning as one the "floating" parent helpers (meaning I wasn't just in his classroom, but available to help any/all teachers) and I learned a few choice things:

1. There was something in the air today. It turns out we were definitely NOT the only family who had a little trouble getting out the door this morning. The carpool line was full of stragglers - a car here, a car there - and at least 50% of parents mumbled something about it being "one of those mornings". I laughed because, hey, me too!

2. Our issue today was getting dressed (I'm very good at it, Wyatt often finds himself 'unable' to pull on pants/shirt/sock/shoes) and I mentioned it in passing to his teacher. She assured me that if I have to send him in his pajamas to make the lesson stick, I should feel free to do so. Now I don't think it will come to that since Wyatt is fearful of disappointing Mrs. Denton, but you just never know, do you?

3. If you have to trace and cut out multiple copies of something, you should trace once, staple 4 sheets of paper behind the original and cut. I'm glad one of the teachers showed me that or I'd still be there...cutting out umbrellas.

4. If you send your preschooler with a bunch of packaged stuff (gogurt, fruit cups, uncrustables, cookie packs, pringles, etc.) for lunch, you are really annoying to the teacher and the helpers because guess what? Your kid can't open that by himself!

5. If you send your kid with a cup of mandarin oranges, a bag of Chips Ahoy, a bag of chocolates and a bag of fruit snacks, that does not a lunch make. Seriously? I hope the babysitter (or baby sister, maybe) packed that because if you think one made-in-China fruit cup provides nutritional balance to all that other crap, you're wrong. And if that's all you're going to send, at least include a spoon so your kid can eat the fruit.

6. Getting kids in and out of cars during carpool is slightly like spying into someone's living room, so I felt like I got a quick read of how parents and kids interact. While most parents seem to like their kids, there are definitely some who are rather unmoved by their children. How can that be? I was in the lunchroom with all of them today and I can assure you each of those kids is pretty entertaining!

7. Even if Grandma is on pick-up duty, your kid should be riding in a carseat. I wondered if I was breaking any laws letting that one little guy go today when there obviously wasn't one for him. Yes, he was a big kiddo, but I can pretty much guarantee he needed more than the factory-installed seat and seatbelt.

8. I held many hands today, all aged 3-5. Wyatt's hands are tiny and I love them.

9. Wyatt likes me even if his behavior indicates otherwise. I got a lot of walk-by hugs, waves from across the room and even a kiss on the leg or two from my affectionate little guy.

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Susan said...

Re: #6 - I can't tell you how many mornings this year have found me quickly searching my car and trying to tidy the front seat as I realize the the school principal is making a beeline for the Gold Truck. She mostly stands guard over dropoff, but once in a while makes a move for a car and personally unloads a child from his or her vehicle. I am acutely aware that looking into my car is like looking into my living room, and oh my!