Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Promise This is It.

Again with the first birthday thing. This last mention is a result of me being too lazy to post pictures of Natalie's party - a term I use loosely since it was just us and my parents. Don't worry, though, I still made everyone around me miserable with my stress level in attempts at making perfect decorations, food, cakes, drinks, etc. I'm sure Natalie appreciated every single detail, right?

Wyatt helped her into her birthday bib from Grandma.
After brunch, we turned her loose with her baby cake (just plain old yellow cake - less clean up mess!)

She liked it.

And now it's really over.


Susan said...

She's looking strikingly like her mother in some of these pictures!

I love the one of Wyatt helping.

Steph said...

what? She's one? How did this happen? (Love the cake, by the way.)

Happy belated birthday, Natalie!!

Adrienne said...

OK, seriously...I would pa good money for that cake and are amazing!!!!