Thursday, March 18, 2010

Method in the Madness

In case you live in a cave, March Madness has officially begun. And like every other year, we like to believe our Jayhawks have a fighting chance. For the second year in a row, we've entered a friendly betting pool with our good friends (loser buys pizza dinner for four adults and five kids - it's really high stakes) and have decided to let the two oldest boys enter with their own brackets.

I decided the best way to let Wyatt fill out his bracket would be to read the names of the teams and just have him pick one. If you have fifteen minutes to kill and a preschooler handy, you should totally try this because it made for some good laughs. The logic used by the three-year-old set is quite comical and, as a result, he's predicted some pretty big upsets. My favorites:

1. Tennessee vs. San Diego State: "San Diego! Because Diego!"

2. Gonzaga vs. Florida St. & BYU vs. Florida: both go to the Florida schools because "Florida is where Grandpa and Grandma live."

3. Butler vs. UTEP: "Butler. Ha ha. BUTler. Ha! BUT.....ler."

4. Villanova vs. Robert Morris: "Robert! Like Robert the Rose Horse!" (FYI - when Robert Morris makes it to the Elite 8 you can tell people how prophetic my kid is. The Rose Horse is Wyatt's dark horse!)

5. Baylor vs. Sam Houston: "We don't like Baylor." (Me: No, but do you think they will win?) "Yes, they will win."

6. California vs. Louisville: "CALIFORNIA! Because that's where MATT & KYLE LIVE!"

7. Clemson vs. Missouri: "Ooh, we don't like Missouri!" (Me: No, but do you think they will win?) "NO! They will not win. Clismon will win!" (editor's note: Ha! Even he knows we cheer for anyone playing Missouri, even if we don't always know how to pronounce it.)

And because we've brainwashed him well, the 'Hawks will (of course) be winning the title in Wyatt's world, but will have to beat K-State in the Final Four to get there. You know, because it's Kansas State. Rock Chalk and let the wild rumpus start!


Susan said...

Ummm, not sure if you just saw the Villanova vs. Robert the Rose Horse game but he just about pulled into the lead in the world of bracketeering. I hope he had Old Dominion picked, too!

Laurie said...

That's right, Wyatt! Go, Clismon! Auntie LaLa is proud of you! :)
This post is awesome, Steph. We're also super excited about March Madness. It's one of our favorite times of year!

Leslie said...

At least he put a lot of thought into it :) But, I'd like to point out that Diego wouldn't stand a chance against my Volunteers! (You can tell I'm totally following the games because, um, I think Tennessee is already out???) Anyhoo, GO VOLS!