Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thought We Could Trust the Sitters

Mom & Dad stayed with the kids last night while Jeff & I went to a long-anticipated dinner in Williamsburg. This morning, Wyatt proudly showed me some rubberbands he'd put over the stair railings last night. I mentioned it to Mom and she said, "Oh, yeah, I meant to go take those off after he went to bed. And why are they called Sexy Bands?"

Uh, excuse me?! (And that's pretty much what I said to her.)

She looked sure of herself. "Yeah, Sexy Bands."

I'm still confounded and silent.

And then the look of the lightbulb moment crossed her face. "Ohhhhh....stretchy bands. That's what he was saying."

Wonder what other new terms he learned last night?


Susan said...

I can totally picture the look on mom's face when the lightbulb turned on for her. Love it.

Leslie said...

From now on they will always be sexy bands :)