Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Why doesn't anyone ever update this anymore? All I can figure out is that we're just really busy doing our normal, every day living. What do you suppose it means that nine days out of ten, when I wake up, the first thought I have is that quote, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"? That sums it up, friends. Once I swing my legs out of bed, life is rolling in these parts.

Recent entertainment, courtesy of the younger set:

1. Wyatt has begun getting himself dressed in the mornings prior to leaving his room. I am amused by the outfits that appear in my doorway each day but am thrilled that it's accomplished without any drama. He  always picks "exercise shorts" (any loose-fitting knit short fits the bill) and a t-shirt. The first few mornings were monochromatic (all red, all orange, all navy, all gray) but lately he's figuring out how to mix it up. He does okay with the matching. The best morning of all was this past Sunday, when he strolled in buck naked. As we roused ourselves, he glanced our way and announced he needed to use our bathroom, then muttered something about lights and stepstools and his bathroom. Whatever. I rolled over, heard him flush and wander away. When he reappeared less than ten minutes later, he was dressed and snacking on some raisins from the pantry. He looked smug. Whatever. I rolled over and we sent him downstairs to play while we snoozed. It totally worked. I mean, we didn't exactly sleep through his drumming session in the family room, but we didn't get vertical until 8:00 and that's a pretty big deal.

2. On the other hand, I'm having nightly visits with Natalie. The molars are still working their way in and seem to be causing some frustration, so I get up with her and toss some Motrin her way, rock her a little and put her back in bed. I am so accustomed to giving her a bottle of milk that I'd been doing that, too, but discovered last night that part is unnecessary. That makes sense, I suppose, since she's not using bottles anymore, but that was the last vestige of her being a baby. She's a big ol' chunk of love these days.

3. That chunk? She's a walker. She's been taking steps here and there for a month but last week she started standing up on her own in the middle of the room (you know, without pulling up on something) and has quickly turned that into standing up and walking. I'd say we've hit the tipping point in the last couple of days and we're finally seeing a little more walking than crawling.

4. Wyatt has been talking about a little girl at school who's not in his class. So at breakfast last week I asked him, "Who's this Olivia I keep hearing about?" His reply after a bit of a pause, "Well, I'm not allowed to touch her anymore." Oh great. I can just imagine how the parent/teacher conference is going to go on Thursday! So then we had a conversation about how some people don't like to give or get hugs quite as much as he does (and to be clear, I'd say 98% of the world falls into that camp. He's one huggy kid!) which he took pretty well....until later, when he demanded to know why God would make some kids not want hugs. I'm telling you, I don't get paid enough some days!

5. Jeff celebrated a birthday over the weekend and requested a specific kind of bundt cake instead of the standard birthday fare. Who wants a cake with no frosting? I got over it, procured the ingredients for said cake and then told Wyatt that he could maybe help me make it. Then I explained there would be no frosting. That night, at about 11:30, Wyatt woke me up and called me into his room. I asked him what was up and he wanted to know why Daddy wouldn't want frosting. I'm not at my best at that time of night so I just told him his daddy is crazy and that yes, it's pretty ridiculous to not want frosting. He went right back to sleep only after I promised to make a batch of frosting anyway.

6. Natalie won't eat peanut butter. She apparently hasn't gotten the memo that my children are required to eat cheese, Mexican food and peanut butter because those are some serious staples in this house. And no, it's not that she's allergic; it's that she has to be her own person all the time (whatever that's about). In case I haven't mentioned it before, that one keeps me on my toes, too!

7. The kids are actually playing together more often and there's nothing like the sound of them making each other laugh. I love it. And then when it invariably turns to someone crying, it's not as fun. I'm guessing that's not going to change with age?

And now for your viewing pleasure, recent pictures of my sillies:

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Susan said...

Well, look! It's little Jeff and little Steph smiling at me from my computer monitor this afternoon!

I laughed out loud at him self-reporting that he's not allowed to touch Olivia anymore. Love it.